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Top questions we get asked about our acrylic?

1) Why is it cloudy? Why is it brown?

All Clear Scraps acrylic come with a protective film on it so it stays free of blemishes until you are ready to decorate. The flexible acrylic will have a cloudy looking film and the hard acrylic will have a brown paper film on it. Both types of acrylic are crystal clear once you remove the film from both side of the acrylic

2) What adhesive do I use?

We recommend a solvent base adhesive not water based. We truly believe that Beacons Zip Dry or 3 N 1 products are the perfect adhesives to use with Clear Scraps acrylics.

3) What types of inks can I use on the acrylic?

You always want to use inks that are made for non-porous surfaces. We love to use Staz-On inks by Tsukineko for stamping. This is a solvent base ink and works very well on Clear Scraps acrylic. We also love to use any type of alcohol inks. They work very well on all of Clear Scraps acrylic.

4) What if I make a mistake when I am applying inks to the acrylic can I fix it?

Yes, one very simple product will give you the flexibility to stop and start if you make any mistakes, non acetone finger polish remover. Use small amount and a cotton ball. Be careful, and make sure you are in a well ventilated room.

5) What other mediums work on the acrylic?

We love them all acrylic paints, pearl pens, glitter, etching paints, misting paints, etc. Just be willing to try it, more than likely it will surprise you to know what you can use on the acrylic.

6) Can you emboss the acrylic?

You can dry emboss Clear Scraps flexible clear film acrylic thru your die machines and the plastic embossing envelopes. (Do not try this with other manufactures acrylic) Please refer to our blog for more demos or your die machines manufacture guide lines. You can not emboss the hard brown film acrylic you will damage the acrylic or break your machine. Please note every machine is different and Clear Scraps will not be responsible for any equipment. Please understand you do these things as your own risk.

7) Can I cut Clear Scraps acrylic?

Most of time you can just use a pair of scissors to cut most of our flexible clear filmed acrylic. You can not cut the hard brown film acrylic.

More to come soon...